Drawing inspiration from the "SOF Truths", we present five "Longtab Brewing Truths": 

1. Longtab DOES NOT discriminate; our beer is for everybody.  

Although the brand celebrates Green Beret culture, we focus on making beer that is accessible to the full range of beer drinking tastes.  


2.  We DO test our products on animals; the two-legged upright versions that happen to be Green Berets!  

Each style is brewed, tested, refined, and brewed again and taste-tested by a small group of beret-wearing beer aficionados.  


3.  We WILL use100% American Ingredients:  All Longtab brews are proudly made in the great State of Texas and with 100% American grown ingredients.  

We believe in the mantra "Made in USA".  Although Longtab will offer beers that are inspired by German or Belgian styles, the final product will be made with American grown ingredients.    

4. We will NOT use unnecessary additives, preservatives, or clearing agents.  

Unfortunately, we live in a world where our food supply is dominated by fake, highly processed, genetically modified, arsenic and antibiotic fed, growth hormone injected, artificially flavored, chemically dyed, high fructose corn syrup laden, banned in other countries junk.  Beer shouldn't be made with junk.  One way to serve up some good, honest, clean beer is to use only fresh ingredients known to be free from unnecessary stuff.  

5. We WILL use the highest quality ingredients, including some brews in organic or Non-GMO form.  

Why organic?  Well, several years ago Mrs Longtab was diagnosed with cancer at age 36.  After 8 (yes, EIGHT) surgeries, 4 rounds chemo, losing her long hair, incredible emotional and financial strain, and a whole lot of other horrible things cancer patients go through...the docs could not attribute her cancer to any gene mutation, family history or other common cause people get cancer.  She was assessed to have a 0.2% chance of getting cancer.  Left without a clear answer, the only possible causes were something she either put in or on her body.  Therefore, in order to give herself the best shot at not having a cancer recurrence, she decided to eliminate as much cancer-causing chemicals and ingredients as possible from food, cosmetics, household cleaning stuff, etc. 

USDA Certified non-GMO or Organic are free from many of the harmful chemicals and pesticides that have shown clear links to cancer.  So, when the idea of a brewery began to seem more like a reality, I wanted Longtab to be something she would enjoy as well. This isn't to say we live in a bubble; we do, after all, love beer!

You can read more about her story here.