Longtab Brewing is the vision of a band of Special Forces (Green Berets) brothers that were lucky enough to travel the world spreading freedom for almost two decades.  Besides the mission at hand, the members of SFODA 2023 sought out local beer in whatever country was under their feet.  The love of beer still keeps the original team in touch on a daily basis.  

Many years later, the founder's wife purchased him a beer kit.  Of course, that kit failed to produce anything that even resembled beer (more like mole mixed with cough syrup), but through sheer determination and persistence the beer got better and better.  

After sharing a few bottles with old teammates (and lots of new ones!)...the idea of Longtab was born.  

The image above is SFODA 2023 from 2002 in eastern Afghanistan.

The image below is the founder in his garage-brewery in San Antonio.